Graphics Cards

Dear Cimatron customer
This site will help you find recommended graphics cards for our products or check our knowledge about the suitability of your existing card to our products
Please select the product, version and any other desired characteristic to get results on supported cards from our database.

Important Notes:
* Quadro cards from NVidia and FireGL/FirePro cards from ATI are the most recommended cards for CAD/CAM software.
** The performance of graphics cards is tightly related to driver version and memory size.
The newer the driver and the greater the memory, the better the graphics card performance.
Check if your graphic driver is up to date through the vendor's Graphic card support sites. Automatic driver detection is available by all vendors.
*** It is recommended to use 64Bit operating systems and especially Windows 7, for better software performance.
**** Starting at version 13 we will no longer support 32 bit operating systems.
***** Starting at version 13 we will require graphics cards supporting OpenGL extension 3.1 and upwards.

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